Walking the Blue Line

Cover of Terrell Carter's book Walking the Blue Line: A Police Officer Turned Community Activist Provides Solutions to the Racial DivideWalking the Blue Line is available for purchase. You can purchase a copy directly from the author for $15.00 through PayPal. Price includes the cost of shipping.

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“As I recall my experiences, I find it incredulous that people in law enforcement honestly believe and say that a racial divide and racial profiling don’t exist. An officer’s mind is divided: first, between the police and the general public and second, between the police and racial minorities.”~ Terrell Carter

Walking the Blue Line: A Police Officer Turned Community Activist Provides Solutions to the Racial Divide details my experiences as a former St. Louis City police officer and the inherent complexities of protecting and serving neighborhoods in the midst of racial tensions.  The book covers my transformation from being one who was regularly profiled by police to becoming the person doing the profiling and how that changed my life.

Walking the Blue Line follows my development growing up as a black child in St. Louis, MO, a racially charged city still trying to overcome its divided past, and my five year journey as a law enforcement officer.  During those five years, I was forced to reevaluate my views on citizens and police alike. Readers are taken on a compelling tour as I detail personal stories of the challenges of navigating this new world, including how I had to testify against a former partner for falsifying a major drug arrest.

In Walking the Blue Line, I detail the thoughts and tactics of police officers based on their training in the police academy and lessons they learn on the streets and how this information can help citizens better understand why officers do what they do while still holding them accountable for protecting and serving their communities.

Walking the Blue Line is a much needed addition to the current conversations about how citizens and police departments can navigate the racial and social challenges surrounding interactions between law enforcement and the public.

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