About Terrell

Author and community activist Terrell Carter
Terrell Carter

I am a pastor, nonprofit executive director, professor, artist, and writer.

You can listen to my weekly podcast “Communities Forward” herehere, or here.

You can find samples of my artwork here.

You can find some of my writings at Word and Way,  Faithfully Magazine, and Patheos.

I have written multiple sociology and ministry oriented books. The sociology books are:

Family Feuds: Forgotten Bible Rivalries and What the Church Can Relearn About Reconciliation

Taking Apart Bootstrap Theology: Gospel of Generosity and Grace

10 Commandments for Good Negroes: What It Means to be Black and Christian in America

Police on a Pedestal: Responsible Policing in a Culture of Worship

Healing Racial Divides: Finding Strength in Our Diversity

Walking the Blue Line: A Police Officer Turned Community Activist Provides Solutions to the Racial Divide

The Lord Gave Me This: Understanding Historic Leadership Development Practices of the Black Church to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders

The ministry books are:

The Gospel According to Broadway

I’m Glad It’s Not Me: Rethinking Suffering and God’s Fairness When Life Goes Wrong

The Only Thing That Matters Is Heaven: Rethinking Sin, Death, Hell, Redemption, and Salvation for All Creation

Learning To Be the Church in a New World: Recognizing and Overcoming the Challenges to Organized Faith in the 21st Century

Machiavellian Ministry: What Faith-Filled Leaders Can Learn from a Faithless Politician

Leadership in Black and White: Practical Suggestions for the Church to Become a Healing Presence Within Divided Communities.

I have earned undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in Biblical studies and organizational leadership, arts management and leadership, theology, ministry and interdisciplinary studies.

I currently serve as President and Executive Director at Rise Community Development. Rise acts as a resource and partner to the community. We bring together nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, and government to make successful neighborhood revitalization possible.

I previously served full-time in higher education administration as Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, and Special Advisor to the President at a Christian liberal arts university in the Midwest. Prior to that I served as Assistant Professor and Director of Contextualized Learning for a seminary located in the Midwest.

I also serve as a consultant and coaching associate for community engagement and organizational effectiveness for nonprofit and for-profit organizations through Pinnacle Leadership Associates. I specialize in addressing, understanding and resolving racial challenges experienced within faith communities, human relations, improving police-citizen interactions, community engagement, and am proficient in multiple other areas.

You can view my media appearances at https://www.youtube.com/user/terrellcarter1.

In addition to learning about me through this website, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram @tcarterstl.